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*Wolverine night, strawroof protection;
Padding paw and clicking nail.
Slobbering, slavering, starveling teeth
glint in moonlight. Stars grow pale.
Lupus licks lycanthrope lips;
Wolfish, whistling wind wails wild.
Porcine panic! Maelstrom! Manic!
Wolf lies waiting —teeth and smiles.

*Yes, I know wolverines aren’t related to wolves!

It grows dark, it grows dark
and Iím walking in the park,
when I suddenly meet a shark.
Yes, a shark.
What a lark!

It has leapt from a pond
where it lurked íneath a frond.
Yes, it lurked in the murk
of the frond on the pond,
in the dark of that park.
Oh my shark,
lovely shark.

Walk with me in the night
for you do not me affright.
I donít think that you will bite.
Oh my shark,
in the park.

Though your teeth gleam so bright
and they flash glints of white,
in the silver of the night,
Lovely shark
in the park.

It was love at first sight
in the darkling, parkling night
for a shark
who made his mark
with a kiss, not a bite.
Oh my shark,
lovely shark,
in the park,
in the night.

WOLF and SHARK are from the collection Wasps & Scorpions: Luv Pomes & Other Lies an ebook featuring many of the poems from The Monster Love Pomes (now out of print).

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