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Some Great Writers:

The Bumble's Blog - Jimmy Bain
Jill Marsh Writer
Gillian Hamer Writer
Catriona Troth- Writer
Jane Dixon Smith - Writer and Designer
Liza Perrat - Writer
Lorraine Mace - Writer
Frances di Plino - Writer
Jo Reed - Writer
John Hudspith - Writer
fon Danny Gillan - Writer
Wykeham's Heretic - Karen MacLeod
Welshcake - Justine Windsor
Alan Richardson - Plays
Tales from La Terraza
Sue Howe Writer
Sheila Bugler Writer
Guy Saville - The Afrika Reich
Clair Humphries Writer
Amanda Hodgkinson - 22 Britannia Road

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Other Great Sites

Triskele Books
Pentalpha Publishing Edinburgh
Words With Jam - Writing Magazine
The Writer's ABC Checklist
Flash 500 Short Story & Humour Verse Competition
The Emmett Family History Site

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