My TravelsBarbara Scott Emmett.

I have lived in London, Edinburgh, Musselburgh and many towns and settlements in Australia. By staying with my friend Kathinka, I was able to spend time writing in chalets, tents and caravans in France and Germany.

In the seventies I travelled overland to India, going through Europe and across Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. I spent some time in Nepal and in the Punjab. On my second trip to India exactly ten years later (flying this time) we got stuck in Bagdad, which I wrote a short piece about.

Also in the seventies I visted Russia and Ukraine when they were part of the Soviet Union and went to New York to go to the New Wave clubs.

As my husband is a big Elvis fan, we got married at the gates of Graceland. Memphis, Tennessee.

For three decades I travelled as much as I could - by bus, train, plane, boat, horse and cart, and hitchhiking.

And after all this wandering I am now living in my home town of Newcastle upon Tyne only a mile or so from where I was born - a quite unexpected turn of events.

We live in a house overlooking the Tyne - once an industrial area, now green and pleasant. Almost directly below, on the banks of the river, is the site of a vanished village called Dent's Hole, where my Emmett ancestors plied their trade as salmon fishers.

I have come home.

Fairyland, Queensland, Australia.

Me in Australia - when I lived in a place called Fairyland in Queensland. All mod cons, eh?

Well, I may have had to heat bathwater in a tin drum on a wood stove but at least I had a bookshelf above it. I read War and Peace while I lived in Fairyland. Yes, it was that exciting a place.

I once discovered a dead frog in the big water tank that we got drinking water from, and the loo was a 'thunderbox' at the bottom of the garden. On the plus side, though, the neighbours had two pet wallabies that used to sit at the table and eat toast. I wish I'd taken a photograph of them.

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